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Violence against native peoples in Argentina

The disappearance of the Mapuche defender Santiago Maldonado, which occurred in early August in Argentina, has produced a wave of rejection from the nation towards the police authorities, because of the outrage against the native communities. Likewise, the arrest of the Mapuche leader Facundo Jones Huala adds to the outrages …

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Indigenous tribes of Argentina who will teach you their ancestors

More than 600,000 Argentineans are descendants of the native tribes that originally inhabited the country. Despite the fact that many of its cities are now large metropolises, some hidden villages have preserved a culture that has been preserved over time among their people and customs. Patagonia welcomes the Mapuche Leaving …

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Diversity of nationalities and indigenous peoples in Ecuador

14 nationalities and 18 ethnic groups are recognized in the country. There are also 13 languages known to be spoken in its areas of influence. The indigenous nationality is a group of ancient peoples that have constituted the Ecuadorian State, who define themselves as such, who have a common historical …

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