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The obstacles facing indigenous students in Mexico

The nearly four million indigenous children and adolescents face a lack of infrastructure and teaching staff, contributing to their sub-basic level of achievement compared to urban public schools, according to the Report on the Educational Panorama of the Indigenous Population 2015, prepared by the National Institute for Educational Evaluation and …

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Violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in Peru

The Working Group on Indigenous Peoples of the National Human Rights Coordinator (GTPICNDDHH) publishes the report Universal Periodic Review (UPR) 2017 entitled “Violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in Peru”, presented to the United Nations. To prepare the report, the institutions that are part of the GTPICNDDHH, generated technical …

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Peru has its first three indigenous reserves

The Peruvian Government approved by supreme decree No. 007-2016-MC the creation of the first three indigenous reserves in Peru for Peoples in Isolation and Initial Contact (Piaci): Murunahua (470,305 hectares), Mascho Piro (816,057 hectares) and Isconahua (298,487 hectares). All three are located in Ucayali, an Amazon region in southeastern Peru. …

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The Indigenous Peoples of Peru

In Peru, apart from the more than six million Quechua and Aymara Indians of the Andean highlands, there are some fifty indigenous peoples living in the Peruvian Amazon, each with their own language. These languages are grouped into more than fifteen language families. In addition to language, each of these …

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