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The Chilean State and Indigenous Peoples

The relationship of the Chilean State with the indigenous peoples has been characterized by a kind of relatively constant paradox, which manifests itself in a strategy of annihilation/invisibilization and another of recognition. This paradox is currently expressed from different perspectives and manifestations depending on the people concerned and the circumstances …

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Who are the indigenous women in Chile

These gender and ethnic inequalities are at the same time inserted in specific territorial contexts, characterized by different dynamics of interaction between: (i) the economic activities that take place in the territory; (ii) the territorial actors and their forms of individual and collective agency; (iii) the formal and informal rules …

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Indigenous people from Bolivia and Peru sign twinning agreement

Indigenous communities in Bolivia and Peru signed the International Autonomous Twinning Instrument to strengthen political and cultural relations between the two original peoples. The Bolivian Foreign Ministry reported Thursday that the communal governments of Santiago de Huata (west) in the Bolivian department of La Paz and the Uru Chulluni people …

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