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Icon Legend

Our circular icon represents both the Métis and First Nations communities of Alberta. Within, you will find sweetgrass, which is widely used by many First Nations as a ceremonial item and reflects communities from north to south, east to west. As well, one of the most widely recognized icons of the Métis people, the Métis sash, is also an important part.

The icon has five categories: First Nations Traditional, First Nations Contemporary, Métis Traditional, Métis Contemporary and Historic. In the centre, Historic represents the collection of all peoples’ perspectives and points of view relating to Aboriginal history, touching every quadrant and direction.

If it’s a Traditional experience you seek, you’d likely choose a journey that is connected to the land. A Contemporary experience would probably take you to art galleries or craft shops. The Historic component is based on a display or attraction that you can visit — telling a First Nations or Métis story that may not have been created by Aboriginal people themselves.

Ultimately this is your roadmap to the kind of experience you are searching for.

All Icon

All: These experiences cover a range of traditional and contemporary customs and practices from Aboriginal communities across the province.

Historic: These experiences offer interpretations of Alberta’s history from a variety of perspectives: First Nations, Métis and the arriving European cultures. Many of Alberta’s historic sites and museums that tell Aboriginal stories are included in this category.

First Nation – Contemporary: These experiences involve cultural customs that have developed since our first people made contact with European explorers, fur traders, settlers and missionaries. These experiences were not part of the traditional past, but have developed since the 1900s. This category includes recently developed products, such as B&Bs and pre-packaged guided tours.

First Nation – Traditional: These experiences preserve practices and ways of life that have been maintained by Alberta’s Aboriginal cultures since before European contact. Also included are traditions that developed before the 20th century. Traditional dancing and drumming demonstrations are included here.

First Nation – Contemporary / Traditional: These experiences blend aspects of traditional and contemporary First Nations culture and history.

Métis – Contemporary: These experiences involve newly developed and developing cultural practices and customs that have come about since the 1900s. Vendors that produce and sell modern-day arts and crafts are included in this category.

Métis – Traditional: These experiences involve Métis traditions that developed in the 18th century and demonstrate a merging of First Nations and European influences. Singing, jigging and fiddling are examples of Métis traditional culture.

Métis – Contemporary / Traditional: These experiences involve both traditional and contemporary Métis customs and ways of life.