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Indigenous tribes of Argentina who will teach you their ancestors

More than 600,000 Argentineans are descendants of the native tribes that originally inhabited the country. Despite the fact that many of its cities are now large metropolises, some hidden villages have preserved a culture that has been preserved over time among their people and customs.

Patagonia welcomes the Mapuche

Leaving traces of 600 years before Christ. The Mapuches are the soul of Patagonia, establishing their largest populations in the provinces of Chubut, Neuquén and Río Negro.

Every day they ask for blessings from their God Nguenechen, who has different faces, like that of an old man, a young woman. Displacing any macho stereotype, women are usually the shamans of the tribes.

Qom the most numerous in Argentina

In Argentina 120,000 people identify themselves as Qom, making them the largest indigenous community in the country. To learn more about their culture, it is necessary to travel to the north of the country, in the provinces of Salta and Formosa. Although it is possible to interact with them in big cities like Buenos Aires and Rosario.

Guarani Nature

One of the most curious characteristics of this tribe is that in spite of the passing of time they still preserve their native language, making the province of Misiones a magical place.

The impressive Iguazú Falls are the way to know the connection of the Guarani people with nature. This way, a culture rich in customs that coexist in perfect harmony with the environment is left in sight.

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Diversity and cultural richness Chané

In the province of Chaco, in the north of Argentina, the Chané established themselves, who have a close relationship with the Guaraní. In spite of this, they preserve unique characteristics in their language and clothing, enriching a whole world of cultural possibilities, for everyone who visits them.

The multicultural Huarpe

Over the years, many indigenous cultures have left behind their most primitive customs, acquiring skills that are adapted to today’s globalized world. The Huarpe have been no exception. Their community resides in San Juan, San Luis and Mendoza, they have absorbed the most striking of other tribes and adopted them with their own.

This is why Argentina is the sum of a totally different variety of cultures, which converge but each one brings a different aspect to the multiculturalism that builds the country.

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